Hello World,

Hi World,

It’s Ann here again. Remember me? Yeah. I used to talk to you quite a bit in my Xanga blog back in college that died off upon my graduation. Yes, I know I made three lame attempts since then to start talking to you again, but I never really did find the motivation after the initial few weeks to keep it going.

Yes, I am aware I suck, but I’m trying to change. I promise.

What? You heard that line before? Well, I’m sorry, but it’s true this time. Seriously.

I am quitting my ‘secure’ day job and I am going to take that dive and start my own business. Yes, I know there is a recession going on, but still, there are many successful businesses that started during a recession. I am not taking this decision lightly. I am in fact starting two businesses which I have been sort of side launching while working these day jobs for nearly two years now. The fear of failure has always been whats keeping me from really dropping the ball. But now, I think its about time I stop pussyfooting around and just go for it.

This is a turning point in my life and I think so long that I have you, everything will be okay.

Will you take this journey with me? Please let me know.

Love Always and Forever,

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