Playmobil Nostalgia

Playmobil Nostalgia

This is what happens when you’re an adult with some disposable income. You spend it on things like these. Thanks Ebay!

I went all out and spent about $30 on old-ass PlayMobil figures. If you’re wondering why I have so many of the little boys in the blue shirt and white pants, it’s because that was the one I had in particular as a kid. Just that one. We were poor, ok?

I got him when I was in the single digit age-group (I forgot from whom). For whatever reason, I had named him “Bob.” I had Bob for several years and I loved that little guy. In my teens (or tweens?), my youngest brother, who was a toddler at that that time, broke poor Bob in half while I as away at school. I was traumatized by it. I cried! I also never forgave my little brother. I hate him. (I really don’t hate him.)

And now, I somehow found myself on a PlayMobil fan site that had all the background and history on the toys and… decided to just buy some Bobs to replace the one I lost. For good measure, I bought a bunch of little friends for him too.

Now I have an army of Bobs and one Bobbette. They will take over the world.


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