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I Finally Got a Smart Phone

The New Droid XOne of the big things that really bothered me as an “internet marketer” was the fact that I didn’t have a smart phone. But there was a reason on why I didn’t get one until now.

At the time, the only real (in my terms, so BBs didn’t count) smart phone was the iPhone with AT&T as the sole carrier. It didn’t help that I abhorred AT&T (bad experiences), where I left them with no intention of going back to them, as shiny as the iPhone may have been tempting me to do so. I like my PHONES to actually be able to take and make calls properly, and my customer service to not treat me like a douche bag, after all.

So after waiting for other phone companies to get in the act and for the smartphone software development to mature some more, I feel that now is the perfect time to get one and I’m pretty excited for it.

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