It’s Been a Few Months…

I’ve been meaning to detail a bunch of on-goings, but blogging here is near the bottom of my list compared to everything else. Maybe I’ll write about it later, when time permits.

But in summary, here’s what happened in business and in my personal life:

  • I no longer have any outsourced people working for me. I was losing money on them and they didn’t fit into the new business model.
  • Did a major redesign of one of my publishing sites and ad revenue increased %500 (for serious) and page views are up 60%. I love not having to plead and hound on clients to pay me for my goddamn work
  • Retail channel: had a bunch of product launches and sales for my smaller items
  • Signed a release form for some of my products to appear as props in a commercial (not sure if it is national or local yet)
  • Started doing newsletter and email blasts again
  • WIP for a second brand/product line that targets a broader audience in the works
  • I got a part-time 6 month contract job for extra income. Found out that they will be offering me a permanent position with benefits. I couldn’t have asked for anything better: Security when sales are slow, only part-time commitment, AND paid time off, health benefits, 401k, etc.
  • Started and gave up on P90X (on the 7th week.. no time to work out), but am still continuing the diet and lost 12 lbs

Not much else going on other than working on the stuff listed above. I work 7 days a week from the moment I wake up to right before bed (smartphone allows me to work in bed). I do take a 2-4 hours off a week to play the Sims 3 though.

Looking back at it, 2010 was definitely a struggle. Since changing focus and priority, things are getting better.

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