Weekly Workout Recap: Soreness is Godliness

This was the week of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Last week, after trying out Paul Katami’s Ultimate Kettlebell for Beginners, I was wrecked and can barely walk and it felt good! I noticed the soreness was in my leg muscles (hello, squats!) and not my back so I knew I was doing something right in terms of form.

Getting Stronger

I feel myself getting stronger. I can actually do a burpee without feeling like I am going to fall on my face. I can probably do about 3-4 and rest a bit and do a bit more. Of course I want to get to the point where I am doing unmodified burpees for the entire 30 second duration of that particular circuit.

I’ve decided that I will be doing Ripped in 30 after this augmented 30 Day Shred program. And then after that, I will be doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution (more on that below).

Getting Smaller

I am pleased to report that the pants I am wearing is nice and loose. These are my favorite new corduroy pants that fit snugly before. Now that I am a bit slimmer, it’s nice and loose. I mean, not baggy, but like comfortable loose. I like it.

This sounds stupid and is probably hyperbole, but I am feeling like the fat is getting cut down especially in my tummy. You know how you get giant rolls in when you sit or bend? Instead of bunching up like thick curtains layered with fat, it’s a bit thinner! And when you pinch my tummy, the rolls are not as giant and floppy. Huzzah!

Hitting the Motherlode!

Cathe DVDs

Ever since I started, I have been on high alert to build my training video collection, had set up price alerts, and had been scouring the various second hand venues for videos (online and offline). It’s sort of a morning ritual now. One of the sites I check is an internal classifieds portal at my job where staff are able to post and purchase things. By golly… I hit the motherlode!

I spent $50 bucks for over 50 training dvds. WOWOWOW! We’re looking at less than $1/piece. This person was looking to downsize and wanted to get rid of stuff (I got some kitchenware for cheap too). She has some of Jillian Michael’s DVDs as well as her Body Revolution and Body Shred programs. There was some Beachbody stuff like P90X (which I already have), 21 Day Fix, Insanity, and some series and trainers I haven’t heard of but will definitely be getting acquainted with like Cathe Friedrich, Jari Love, and Denise Allen. Unfortunately, no Paul Katami (who I really like as a trainer as well!). But holy cow. I can’t believe my luck!

Daily Observations

1/2/17: Since today was the last day off before going back to work, I was planning on doing Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, but as I could barely walk from the kettlebell soreness. I opted to try out JM’s Killer Arms and Back, Level 1 instead since I assumed there would be less leg work. I was wrong! My arms and shoulders did get a decent workout but I half-assed on anything that had to do with my legs.

1/3/17: Back to work today. I am still sore as heck from the KBs but I still did the BFBM that I missed the previous day. Unfortunately, it was a bad workout. I had eaten a before working out and waited an hour before starting. That was probably not enough time since I got a bit crampy in the middle of working out and felt nauseous (wanting to throw up on a few occasions) by the end of it. I did take it easy due to the soreness and the general feeling like crap.

1/4/17: Funny how muscle soreness works. Once day you’re dying and the next day when you wake up, you’re fine! (for the most part) I was going to wimp out and do yoga today, but since the soreness has subsided a great deal, I decided to get back to the 30 Day Shred, Level 1 and also Paul Katami’s Ultimate Kettlebells for Beginners (only the swings part of the intro video).

1/5/17: I did 30DS1 and it does feel noticeably easier. Not sure why, but I was feeling particularly impatient and I wish that time has already jump forward 3 months so I can have those results already! I had to remind myself that it hasn’t even been 2 weeks and that I will get there eventually.

1/6/17: Another blah workday. 30DS, Level 1 once I got home from work. At least it’s Friday!

1/7/17: Finally the weekend is here. With more time, I did NMTZ instead of 30DS1.

I also realized that I have been screwing up my push ups since forever. I finally noticed as I was “modifying” one of the plank exercises, and then realized that I kind of didn’t need to. This particular exercise called for me to keep dumbbells in front of my shoulders so I can pull it (row?) from the plank position. When I did, it was EASY (relatively). I was expecting to struggle like I do with push ups since its a similar position, but it was indeed easier. Then it occurred to me why other “modified” plank positions were easy, particularly the ones where I am alternating my hands and pulling to the side. It’s because  I have been doing push ups WRONG for a very long time. Most of this is due to my really narrow frame. I widen my hands out like I have a normal frame and that makes push ups so much harder for me. Idiot! Here’s a helpful video for anyone interested:

1/8/17: It’s Sunday, day 14. I did BFBM and the intro video of the Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners. Both workouts went well and I feel good!

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