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Things on Cat

This is a post about things on a cat. Box on CatThere is a box on a cat.

Box on CatCat does not seem amused.

Mouse on CatNow there’s a mouse on the cat.

New Notebook on CatAnd a brand new notebook.

Lime Juice Bottle on CatAn empty bottle of lime juice.

Cardboard on CatA piece of cardboard on his belly while he’s trying to nap.

Calculator & 3DS on CatAnd a calculator and a Nintendo 3DS.

Cat on DeskCat says “No!” and now he’s on my things.

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Zeus Cat & the Red Stools

I really don’t know what’s going on here. I sent my sister these pictures and she thought I stabbed him with some red poles.

Zeus Cat & the Stools

I am a kind person. I don’t stab cats with red poles. So don’t worry. He’s fine. He’s just wrapped around the legs of two stools.

Zeus Cat & the Stools

This cat is a weird one. Meow.

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A Cat Named Zeus

I moved in with my boyfriend. He has a cat named Zeus. Zeus is a house cat. And he is a super scaredy cat.

Cat Named Zeuz

House cat, so forlorn.

I’ve never actually had a pet before. (Unless you count a turtle. They don’t really count, though.) I was a little apprehensive moving in. I am allergic to cats.

Cat Named Zeuz

But I’ve found that I am only “mildly” allergic. I’ve developed a tolerance of sorts. I used to get really itchy and sneezy. But now I only get that way when he scratches me.

Cat Named Zeuz

I pet him very carefully. I learned that I can’t pet his tummy. His delicious furry tummy. He is very sensitive there. Apparently.

Cat Named Zeuz

It taunts me.

So I take these kinds of pictures of him. They are kind of indecent.

Cat Named Zeuz


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