Box on Cat

Things on Cat

This is a post about things on a cat. There is a box on a cat. Cat does not seem amused. Now there’s a mouse on the cat. And a brand new notebook. An empty bottle of lime juice. A piece of cardboard on his belly while he’s trying to nap. And a calculator and a Nintendo 3DS. Cat says “No!” and now he’s on my things.

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Sony Xperia Z3v Verizon

I Finally Got a New Smart Phone, the Sony Xperia Z3v

Yep, that’s right. I finally got a new phone after spending 2+ years on the Samsung Galaxy S3. I held out for so long because I wanted to find an acceptable (to me) Android replacement. I rely on Google products too much to move to an iPhone.  I kind of (really) hate Samsung so I was not going to get the S5 (bleh). The other alternatives were too ugly for me. I had Sony’s Xperia Z3 on my radar for a while and wanted to hold out for the Z3 Compact version (love the orange chassis!). But since my carrier is Verizon, I had […]

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Zeus Cat & the Stools

Zeus Cat & the Red Stools

I really don’t know what’s going on here. I sent my sister these pictures and she thought I stabbed him with some red poles. I am a kind person. I don’t stab cats with red poles. So don’t worry. He’s fine. He’s just wrapped around the legs of two stools. This cat is a weird one. Meow.

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Jetpack Plugin Photon

WP Post Thumbnail Hard Crop Not Working?

WordPress is great. Jetpack is great. It is a plugin suite that has many useful little knickknacks. I actually wish there was a plugin where I can create my own suite of plugins so I don’t have to find and download them one by one. Yeah, I have a folder full of them that I manually upload to all new sites (not that I am creating any new sites recently, but I digress). I guess that’s good enough. Anyway, so Jetpack. At the time of this writing, there are 33 features that you can enable via Jetpack. This site is pretty […]

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Playmobil Nostalgia

Playmobil Nostalgia

This is what happens when you’re an adult with some disposable income. You spend it on things like these. Thanks Ebay! I went all out and spent about $30 on old-ass PlayMobil figures. If you’re wondering why I have so many of the little boys in the blue shirt and white pants, it’s because that was the one I had in particular as a kid. Just that one. We were poor, ok? I got him when I was in the single digit age-group (I forgot from whom). For whatever reason, I had named him “Bob.” I had Bob for several years and […]

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Cat Named Zeuz

A Cat Named Zeus

I moved in with my boyfriend. He has a cat named Zeus. Zeus is a house cat. And he is a super scaredy cat. I’ve never actually had a pet before. (Unless you count a turtle. They don’t really count, though.) I was a little apprehensive moving in. I am allergic to cats. But I’ve found that I am only “mildly” allergic. I’ve developed a tolerance of sorts. I used to get really itchy and sneezy. But now I only get that way when he scratches me. I pet him very carefully. I learned that I can’t pet his tummy. His delicious furry […]

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I’m Still Alive: 2014 Edition

Dear World, I suppose this is my annual “I’m Still Alive” post for the year. I moved a couple of time since the last post. I would like to stay in one place for at least 2 years before another move (bleh), so here’s to hoping everything remains stable. I haven’t really been working on the personal business stuff since I’ve gotten back to working full time at a more demanding job and started working on a masters degree. So the business-for-fun, the writing, and other intensive hobbies have kind of tapered down. Now that things are kind of settled in terms […]

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Notice Anything New?

So you notice a lot of new, old posts? Yeah, I’m slowly migrating my various blogs (writing, origami so far) into this one. It would be cheaper an easier than trying to manage 4-5 different site content and WordPress installs. So here I am! Consolidating!  

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Moving to WooThemes

So the last post before I lost the site was how I had moved this site from Thesis Themes to WooThemes (Canvas). I’ll most likely be moving some old sites to WooThemes and most new sites that will be created/is in development will be using WooThemes instead. And as this move was not part of the backup, here I am writing about it again. The last cached version didn’t really go into the hows and the whys, so I thought I’d flesh things out a bit. So why am I switching frameworks? The Cons about Thesis: Thesis 2 had launched […]

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I am an Idiot

So one of my crappy shared hosting accounts had expired and I didn’t think much of it. This particular account was used mostly for testing purposes, but I didn’t realize/had forgotten that this blog was hosted there… After a few notices from the hosting provider that I didn’t care too much about, *POOF* everything was gone and deleted. Including this blog. *Sigh* Fortunately, I had backed it up somewhat. Unfortunately, the backup was only up to the end of 2010. This blog wasn’t tended to as frequently as the other ones because it’s not part of my business, per se. It’s mostly […]

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