Macross Origami

Just want to direct your attention to this Macross origami that actually transforms! It’s in Japanese, but diagrams don’t need no translating, so have at it! What is Macross? It’s an anime. Yes, I am a geek. We’ve already established that. Also, yes, I’m trying to get back into blogging here again. I have lots of paper n stuff to fold and show off. Also, I miss you blog.  

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Pantsers and Plotters in Writing

My writing activities were fairly closeted in the past so I did not feel the need to be involved in any sort of writing community. It was only after finding out about and joining NaNoWriMo a few months ago that I finally cared to participate. As with all communities that exists in the internets (think MMO gaming to dollhouse building), the writing community has its own definitions and acronyms every n00b had to learn. Of interest to my n00by-ness was the term “pantser” often used alongside “plotter,” particularly when describing plotting and story building. Here’s what they mean: Pantser A pantser is […]

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The Problem with Names & Code Name Ravenite

I’m a weird one. For my fantasy NaNoWriMo story, I work out the plot, twists, turns, character personalities, scenes, world setting, and even the linguistics before I know my main characters’ name. The same level of thought does not go into naming my minor characters. I am happy as long as it fits the linguistics and setting, but otherwise, I will just pick it out of a name from my name database and continue on with my story. For my main characters, I can’t just choose willy nilly and be happy with it. It has to feel right too. What’s your name? Currently, I have two main characters, a […]

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Writing and NaNoWriMo

As a kid, I always had my nose in a book. The stories I devoured were mostly fantasy novels, then later in my teen years, thriller/ghost stories (RL Stine, anyone?). It was entertainment. It was an escape. It was wonderful. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Not just any writer, I wanted to be a fantasy novelist. I wanted to create wonderful magical worlds for kids like me. I liked the idea of making up a world and its inhabitants from nothing. It was a potent and powerful concept and desire that still influences me to this day. I wrote […]

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Going to San Juan in October!

It’s been about 4 years since I’ve taken a real vacation, but that will change this year. The family and I have booked a trip to Puerto Rico due in October. In my excitement, I checked the weather to find a hurricane over the island. Fun. Nevertheless, I am still optimistic and I hope, nay, expect that mother nature will behave during my vacation. Yes, I am aware that October is in the middle of the hurricane season. Optimism, I said! There will be beaches, booze, casinos, forts, museums, food, and all sorts of awesome to explore, but I am most excited about being able […]

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origami lily

Any Square Piece of Paper…

I know it’s been a while since the last post. I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures and post it up. I am still folding paper and cutting them to make my own square paper to fold. When you’re in this situation, you’ll be more likely to notice square pieces of paper appearing naturally “in the wild” and you’ll have this weird desire to fold it into something. Here’s what happened after I ate a box of chocolates and found myself a nice square to fold:  

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It’s Been a Few Months…

I’ve been meaning to detail a bunch of on-goings, but blogging here is near the bottom of my list compared to everything else. Maybe I’ll write about it later, when time permits. But in summary, here’s what happened in business and in my personal life: I no longer have any outsourced people working for me. I was losing money on them and they didn’t fit into the new business model. Did a major redesign of one of my publishing sites and ad revenue increased %500 (for serious) and page views are up 60%. I love not having to plead and […]

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Small Kusudama Flower Ball

Kusudama Flower Ball

The flowers from this Kusudama ball are all over Etsy. It is kind of annoying and it leads me to believe that it is the only thing people on Etsy know how to fold. Sure, there are a few that fold different flowers, but these Kusudama flowers comprise of 80% of the origami listings there. I personally don’t think the flower by itself is all that attractive, though having it in ball form is very cool. (Then again, I think all Kusudama balls are pretty awesome in general) It’s not difficult to make. It’s just kind of tedious to put together. […]

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Origami bowls made from Fabulous Origami Boxes by Tomoko Fuse

Fabulous Origami Boxes – Bowls

I’m working through Fabulous Origami Boxes by order, so first up are the bowls. They are pretty easy to fold, but I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out the diagrams. I folded two versions of each. One being the trial version just to get the hang of things and the second version was the final version with the least amount of creases possible for presentation. Yes, there are lucky stars in the bowls. I figured I ought to fill it with something, right? The bowls are created using two pieces of paper. One was used for the shell and […]

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