I am an Idiot

So one of my crappy shared hosting accounts had expired and I didn’t think much of it. This particular account was used mostly for testing purposes, but I didn’t realize/had forgotten that this blog was hosted there…

After a few notices from the hosting provider that I didn’t care too much about, *POOF* everything was gone and deleted.

Including this blog.


Fortunately, I had backed it up somewhat. Unfortunately, the backup was only up to the end of 2010.

This blog wasn’t tended to as frequently as the other ones because it’s not part of my business, per se. It’s mostly something I use for fun. So of course I did not set the usual bare minimum automated backup tasks. Heck, I didn’t even subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed so I can’t use the saved feeds to scrape the old posts back.

Hell, I only even noticed this thing was missing because I wanted to test some  things.

I thought about finding the cached search engine versions, but seeing how this blog isn’t all that popular, the posts were barely crawled to begin with and is very incomplete.

I have no idea what’s missing. It’s OK for the most part, but it still kind of sucks that it’s gone.

Hmm. So I guess it’ll be a new start eh? Yeahh…

Edit: Some good news, sort of. My Tumblr is still alive. I had made some cross posts there… like a whole one post..

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